...But our wide reputation for bringing laughter, fun and an unforgettable experience to all audiences is all wrapped up in the stuff. 

Theatre in the Ground has been a top player in the Renaissance Festival entertainment scene for over 20 years. 

We are proud to bring the thrill of live performance to new heights of intensity.  Seriously, the mud does help, but it is our experience, our engagement, our improvisation and our joy in interacting with the audience that keeps people coming back -- and bringing friends and family -- to our brand of ‘Mudde Show’.


Our name is not Mud...


Harveysburg, Ohio.
Weekends Sept. 1 through Oct. 21, 2009

Beowulf-- in the Mud!
Dante’s Inferno
The Viking Show

Tales of the Sea
Ebenezer Crumby, extemporaneous buccaneer raconteur, is available to tell outlandish lies and fabrications -- suitable for audiences of all ages -- at your event.

-Patrick Johnson

Musical Vegetables !
Yes, actual music played on actual vegetables!  This comedy act can be done solo or with accompanists, including you, your band or orchestra.  Any audience any genre.  Jaws drop and eyes pop out.  Events, seminars, private parties.

-Jonathan Crocker

The Wyld Men 
will be appearing at the Arizona Renaissance Festival
Apache Jct. Arizona
Weekends February 6 through March 31, 2013.

Jonathan Crocker
Douglas Mumaw
Jimmi Torrey

Doktor Kaboom! 

The artist formerly known as Chunky is now touring the world with his one man show.   Look out !Science is coming!
Click here for information!

-David Epley

Patrick Johnson

Jonathan Crocker

Wes Holden

Theatre in the Ground  is regionally renowned for its Mud Show style of comedic theater, having earned a solid fan base in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana region and, as the Wyld Men,  in Arizona.  

But we are not stuck in the mud.  Each of our members pursue other performing avenues as well.  Follow the links to the left to sample the range of our talents.  

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DVDs of Dante’s Inferno and

The Viking Show are now available!

Starring Chunky, Jake and Crusty.